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I want to keep my hobby as a hobby, with freedom to explore and create as I wish.


I have worked through the "Wait List" from the requests of the past few weeks and you will not be surprised to learn that filling all the orders on the List is just not possible. I only make 5-10 pieces a year, and 100 pieces is absurd. I apologise to all those who will be disappointed.


I will continue to have work to display in Art Shows and for the occasional "Show and Tell". I am working on a plan to make my work more available, just not for private purchase.


General Announcement:


A segment on my work was shown on Gardening Australia on Friday 26th March., creating a deluge of responses.  All my botanical pieces have gone to new homes, and I am now able to send book orders within a day or two.


I have received a few payments for my book that I cannot trace - either there is no name at all, or the name doesn't seem to match any of the enquiries that include the mailing address.  If you recognise any of the information below, please identify yourself and make my day!


March 2 819.../.....0621

March 3 CBA 003.....51 / Native Plants

March 9 Kim Fuentes

March 9 Bankvic 003......404


In the meantime I am considering the future of my hobby - so many people want to be on the waiting list that I may never catch up, and as my friends say, this is supposed to be fun.


2021 - Coming Events

Although it did not have an official launch, my book on how I make my Botanical Embroideries has been well received.  Details of the book and how to get a copy for yourself are on the Book page.


I have since compiled a book of pen-and-ink sketches by Alice Talbot of the flora around Marysville, where I live.  It is available through the Marysville Vistor Information Centre.


The launch of the new permanent exihibtion at the National Museum of Australia in Canberra has been delayed till early 2021 ... something to look forward to - my piece of our local Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus regnans) will be part of the display.



I now have a Facebook page - Blooming Threads Botanical Textiles. It has information on my book, coming events and photos of recent work.  Like or Follow the page to be kept up to date.




General Information


I try to convey my delight in Australia's native plants by creating realistic models using machine embroidery. I build the three-dimensional pieces from fine wire and organza, heavily machine stitched with white rayon and/or polyester threads. These are then painted with dye and restitched with hand-dyed threads to add veins and special features. The detail of the piece is important - its myriad colours, the emerging flowers and leaves, and marks of insect damage etc. Each new specimen demands new techniques, and each new technique presents new problems and new solutions.


Click on Embroidery techniques  to find out more about how the pieces are made

Click on Book for details of my illustrated book on how the pieces are made

Click on Current Work to view some examples of my work (including prices)


In 1997 I left Melbourne to travel Australia in a converted Toyota Coaster Bus,exploring the fascinating diversity of the countryside and its flora and fauna. I collected the originals of the pieces I now make during those 10 happy years of wandering.  Settling back into a land base was a little bumpy, with the  the bushfires of February 2009 destroying my home not long after I moved in.   I have now replaced the burnt-out bus with a nippy small campervan, and my burnt-out home with a new and much improved structure, with a purpose-built sewing-room (8 double power points!) and a special dyeing area.








updated  February 2021