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My book is a record of the methods I use to create my Botanical Studies using machine embroidery, wire and hand dyeing. My embroideries are exercises in problem solving that somehow result in beautiful representations of our wonderful Australian native flowers.  I can never say that my solution is the only one, just the best I have found so far. Over the years I’ve tried countless ways and means. Some worked, most didn’t. But I just keep trying. The book sets out the current results of my experiments - you can use them as a jumping-off point to try other ideas. Some may well work better than my solutions.


To see if others could learn my embroidery techniques, I held a test class with some volunteers from the Embroiders Guild Victoria who worked on making sprigs of Golden Wattle.  At the end of the course, one member of the group announced, "I have just spent a whole afternoon making little yellow balls and I’ll never do it again. I think you are either incredibly talented or barking mad." And the group all voted that "it is all too hard to present in a short class, just write the book." ...... so I did.


The book sells for $29 plus postage ($10 within Australia). To place an order send me an email at



and include your postal address.  I will send you an email with payment details.


LIBRARIANS:  Please contact me to receive a complimentary copy.


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Updated June 2024